Holiday let Cantabria, North Spain



Liérganes is located 27 kilometers from Santander. The village is set at the foot of two small hills: Marimon and Cotillamón, popularly known as ‘Las Tetas de Liérganes’.

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It is formally recognised as a site of historical artistic interest, due to its abundance of classical architectural buildings dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Liérganes, is one of the most well known picturesque villages within the Trasmiera region, located on the banks of the River Miera. Despite its proximity to the bustling city of Santander, with its eclectic mix of beautiful promenades, café bars, restaurants and superb beaches, Lierganes has managed to maintain its own identity. It offers any visitor a rural feel, a sleepy village combined with excellent restaurants, cafes and modern facilities.

Due to its well established road and rail links, visitors can choose the option of staying within the village and surrounding areas or travelling out and discovering Cantabria and its nearby regions.

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